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Training - Medical Business Training Institute

Medical Business Training Institute

Our Trainings: Professional Education

In much of continental Europe, the term school usually applies to primary education, with primary schools that last between four and nine years, depending on the country. It also applies to secondary education, with secondary schools often divided between Gymnasiums and vocational schools, which again depending on country and type of school educate students for between three and six years. In Germany students graduating from Grundschule are not allowed to directly progress into a vocational school, but are supposed to proceed to one of Germany's general education schools such as Gesamtschule, Hauptschule, Realschule or Gymnasium. When they leave that school, which usually happens at age 15-19 they are allowed to proceed to a vocational school. The term school is rarely used for tertiary education, except for some upper or high schools (German: Hochschule), which describe colleges and universities.

Name Description Duration Price Enroll
SDFS yers, governmentmentnten 5 weeks $ 50 Enroll
Musical sadfsdfs 1 week $ 23 Enroll
zzsdfsd SDFS
5 weeks
1 week
$ 6234 Enroll
asddfsafa SDFS
5 weeks
$ 55 Enroll
asasdfaerew Musical
1 week
$ 5 Enroll